Faults Of Perception : The Embassy Book Two

Steven Hoefer
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Benjamin Taylor hasn’t managed to destroy the Earth—yet. But as the junior diplomat to extraterrestrials, the odds aren’t in his favor. His first meeting with an enigmatic alien left a dozen injured and ruined his suit. The second meeting was interrupted by an assassin’s bullet—and ruined more than just his suit.

With an assassin on the loose and angry aliens overhead, Earth’s embassy is thrown into conflict. Benjamin’s boss wants to cover up the attack while Earth’s first line of defense scrambles to meet the alien threat. Benjamin and his allies are sidelined as a conspiracy to kill extraterrestrials runs unchecked, provoking a deadly response from one of the forty-eight alien species with Earth in their sights.

Now Benjamin must rally his friends and fight his own organization to stop the conspirators before they can strike again and bring about the destruction of humanity.

Book two of the Embassy series throws Earth's junior ambassador into the fire once again, giving him a glimpse into an alien mind where he discovers more than he expected—possibly more than his sanity can handle.


  • Pages: 328
  • DRM : No
  • Formats : ePub, Mobi, or PDF for reading on any device.
  • 328 page ebook in your choice of formats, DRM free!

  • 328 page ebook in your choice of formats, DRM free!
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Faults Of Perception : The Embassy Book Two

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